The CARPE JUS started in 2018 as a cross-border network of European law firms. The founding members as well as a majority of the members already admitted in 2018/2019 had been active in the Eurolawyers EEIG until then. Since the legal form of an EEIG is very rigid, they decided to continue the idea of ​​a European lawyer network in the form of an association under Swiss law. In 2015, the CARPE JUS, at that time still European Lawyers Association e. V., based in Zurich. At the end of 2018, the change of the members of the predecessor organization to CARPE JUS e. V. instead. CARPE JUS - use the right! It is our job as lawyers to uphold, defend and enforce the interests of our clients through the application of the law.

CARPE JUS is considered to be a network of European law firms that, because of their
Cooperation are able to provide their clients, whether medium-sized companies or
Individuals in Europe continue to accompany, even if the law firm in the
has no establishment in the European country concerned. In this respect it is ensured that
the clients further on site, with the competence of the European in question
Country law firm.

The member law offices of CARPE JUS are networked and bind necessary
If there are also different members who, because of their admission as specialist lawyers or
their areas of expertise have special knowledge in the consultation with a.
So the members of the CARPE JUS can offer a comprehensive range of services for your
Offer clients. You can thus use a multidisciplinary and interest-oriented
Provide legal advice to clients in Europe.

Although each member uses the know-how and information potential of all members
can, a mandate relationship is no longer with the CARPE JUS itself, but always with
established by the respective member law firm involved in the provision of the lawyers' fees
Service is commissioned. Thus, the contact person of the client always remains the
Lawyer of his trust on the ground, no matter where the legal problem needs to be solved.

Through the cooperation of the CARPE JUS lawyers, legal problems,
Contracts or other concerns in the European area quickly and effectively processed
without incurring time and costly travel. The
Members of the CARPE JUS hold a lot of personal contacts with each other, the u. a.
can be maintained during the annual meeting. Here is too
enough space for exchange of experience and professional development.

Since many law firms of CARPE JUS communicate in German, not only will a professional
Component, but above all, a comprehensive solution to the problem.