CARPE JUS was founded in 2015 as a cross-border network of European lawyer offices on the Acropolis in Athens and has currently more than 24 member chambers in 23 locations in 13 countries (05/2024). As a network of European law firms, this cooperation enables the members of Carpe Jus to support their clients Europe-wide even if the law firm has no establishment in the concerning European country. For that matter it is regardless, if the client is a medium-sized company or a private individual. It is ensured that the clients will be served locally and additional with the competence of the law firm operating in the concerned European country.

CARPE JUS – seize justice!

It is our job as lawyers: to protect, defend and enforce the interests of our clients by the application of the law.

The member firms of CARPE JUS are linked with each other. If necessary also members from different locations who, due to their admission as specialist solicitor or their main areas of activity have special knowledge, will be included in consultations.

In this way, the members of CARPE JUS can offer a broad range of services as well as interdisciplinary and interest-based legal advice for clients.


Although each member uses the know-how and information potential of all members, a client’s relationship is not with CARPE JUS itself. It is always with the respective member law firm, which is responsible for providing the legal service. Thus, the client’s contact person always remains the local and trusted lawyer, regardless of where the legal problem needs to be resolved.

Members of Carpe Jus:

Germany – Austria – Bosnia Herzegovina – Bulgaria – Belgium – France – Greece – Italy – Netherlands – Poland – Switzerland – Malta – Spain – Ukraine

Through the practiced cooperation of the CARPE JUS lawyers, legal problems, contracts or other matters in Europe can be attended to quick and effective without the effort of time and costly travel.

The members of CARPE JUS think highly of personal contacts with one another, which is particularly maintained at the annual meeting. Here is adequate space for exchange of experiences and professional development.

Since many CARPE JUS offices communicate in German, not only a professional component is provided, but also an understandable problem solution.