Area of activity

CARPE JUS is competent contact, available to both companies and private individuals. If necessary, we establish contacts with banks, chambers of industry and commerce, business associations and public services. The common goal of the CARPE JUS law firms is to provide you with successful support, especially in the listed areas of law:

Administrative law
i.a.state liability law, university law, assembly law

Agricultural law
i.a. lease law, law relating to inheritance of farms and forestland

Agriculture and Forestry
i.a. fishing law, hunting law, animal welfare law

Aliens Law
i.a. right of asylum, right of residence, right of citizenship

Banking and Stock Exchange Act
i.a. credit law, check and bill of exchange law, capital investment law

Bankruptcy law
including commercial bankruptcies, bankruptcy criminal law, consumer insolvency law

Building law
i.a. property development law, architect law, building contract law

civil right
i.a. general contract law, right of representation, limitation of claims

Contract for work and labour law
i.a. warranty law, wage claims, builders’ insurance mortgages

Commercial and criminal tax law
Individual criminal defense, internal investigative in companies and their environment

Commercial law
i.a. commercial contract law, leasing law, sales law

Commercial law
i.a. public procurement, European sales law, law of business associations

Commercial remedy
i.a. patent law, trademark law, design law

Competition law
i.a. advertising law, unfair competition, antitrust law

Computer and Telecommunications law
i.a. software protection law, IT contract law, leasing contracts

Copyright law Corporate law / Law of association
i.a. GmbH law, corporate purchase law, stock corporation law, restructuring and transformations i.a. tax-related references

Criminal law
i.a. commercial criminal law, criminal tax law, narcotics law

Distribution law
Franchise, commercial agent and authorized dealer law

Employment Law
i.a. protection against dismissal, social plan, collective bargaining law, works constitution law

Environmental law
i.a. waste law, pollution control law, environmental liability law

European law
i.a. Italian, Austrian and Turkish civil and commercial law

Foreclosure law
i.a.realizing claims, foreclosure law, issuing affidavits

Health law
i.a. pharmaceutical law, medical law, pharmacy law

Inheritance law
i.a. testaments, legal portion right, right of corporation succession

Insurance law
i.a. liability insurance, life insurance law, law of insurance conditions

International commercial law
International sales law; Damage law; Litigation

International right
i.a. Portuguese commercial law, Anglo-American law, Turkish law

International right of sale
Franchise law, Commercial Agency law, authorized dealers, license agreement law in cross-border area in Europe and the USA

Law of general terms and conditions

Liability law
i.a. medical liability law, investment liability law, product liability law

Maritime and shipping law
i.a. maritime trade law, average law, maritime liability law

Marriage and family law
i.a. divorce law, law relating to the legal relationship between Parents and children , maintenance law

Media law
i.a. film law, broadcasting law, multimedia law

Medical law
i.a. medical liability law, right of residence, nationality law

Medical law
i.a. pharmacy law, medical liability law, medical device liability

Police and regulatory law
i.a. assembly law, gun law, emission law

Public law
i.a. military law, school law, administrative disputes

Public Service Law
i.a. civil service law, disciplinary law, promotions according to BAT

Real estate law
i.a. real estate law, public building law, residential property law

Real estate transactions
Structuring and support of asset and share deals for large properties and real estate packages, including financing agreements

Social law
i.a. social welfare law, employment promotion law, social insurance law

Sports law
i.a. sports liability law, association law, sports contract law

Tax law
i.a. wage and income tax, inheritance tax law, corporate tax law

Tenancy and Lease Law
i.a. commercial leases, dismissal protection law, rent increases

Trade law
i.a. property development law, handcraft law, restaurant law

Trademark law
Trademark applications, trademark defense, also Europe-wide, EUIPO and WIPO trademark application

Traffic law
Liability in road traffic, traffic safety law, traffic criminal law

Transport law
i.a. passenger transport law, road law, transport liability law

Travel law
i.a. air transport law, travel contract law, travel liability law